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Your gateway to a healthy pregnancy and Easier Labor

Learn & practise with Experts - Prenatal care for your & baby's health

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Fitness during & after Pregnancy

Personalised and Supervised Exercise Program

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Stay educated, informed and confident

Travel through the ups & downs of pregnancy with ease & comfort and be prepared for a smoother & easier delivery

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Prepare for Labor & Delivery

Learn to identify labor signs, relaxed breathing and breastfeeding poses

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Pregnant & Back Pain?

Sciatica or Pelvic Pain : Get relief from aches & pains without any medicines

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So you can be a Mom and Fabulous too !

Pre Natal Care

Stay educated, eat right and exercise safely as per your stage of pregnancy. A personalised prenatal program to ease back pain, prepare your body for easy labor and quick recovery after child-birth

Breastfeeding & child-birth

Understand stages of labor, Identify true & false labor, learn relaxed breathing practices, breast-feeding techniques, bearing down exercises for easier labor & child-birth

Diet & Nutrition : Pregnancy & Lactation

Personalised & closely monitored diet plans to avoid excess weight gain, correct nutritional deficiency, control high blood sugar (pregnancy) & improve breast-milk

Post Natal Health & Bulging Belly

Avoid sagging belly, strengthen your pelvic floor & get your body back in shape after delivery, with experts in exercise and nutrition. Tighten your core and lose weight safely


What our clients say about us

"Ever since joining, I have looked forward to come back for every session. My FabMom expert has been exceptionally helpful without doubt. Their expertise along with the care and warmth makes “FabMoms” definitely worth. I would like to thank the entire team for helping me out, specially with pregnancy exercises.” Dr. Indu Miriam Varkey
"The Antenatal Care regimen is a MUST for all pregnant females as it is scientifically proven and personally very beneficial to take care of all aches and pains during pregnancy. I had a wonderful experience with FabMoms team at ReLiva. Thank you.” Dr. Pooja Gupta
“I had Diastasis Recti after my C-section. After doing a lot of Google search and stuff, I landed at this place. The Physiotherapist examined me and advised me a series of exercises. I continued to do those at home too. I highly recommend this place for Prenatal and Post-natal exercises.” Smita Biswal

Knowledge Center

Learning for a smoother pregnancy experience

Sacroiliac pain & Pregnancy

Pregnancy is known to trigger Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunctions specially Sacroiliitis. SI Pain may cause significant discomfort in turning sides in bed, getting up, rolling over and so on. Prenatal exper[...]

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10 Ways to Avoid Back Pain due to Pregnancy

Pregnancy and child-birth is a mixed bag. A whole lot of excitement comes along with a host of discomforts and issues. Back pain being one of the most common among them. You might experience it during[...]

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Nutrition during Pregnancy: Do’s and Don’ts

Nutrition during Pregnancy is of great importance to support the growth of the baby as well as help build the reservoir of nutrition required by the expecting mom in the next couple of months after ba[...]

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Make Knowledge your Power

Library of Fun & Easy videos : Learn about your baby & various aspects of Pregnancy


Ceaselessly working to provide best care to expecting and new mothers

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Chief Child Birth Educator

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MRCOG (UK), MS-OBG - Advisor

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Physiotherapy support

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