5 Tips to loose the sagging belly after child-birth

Love your baby but hate your sagging belly? Don’t let the sagging baby belly pull your excitement down. FabMoms’ Postnatal experts suggest 5 tips to get rid of that sagging belly after child-birth.
loose the sagging bellyBaby is out and you are so excited ! Few months down the line, the excitement becomes routine and you start to miss your old self. You can’t wait to fit back in your old dresses and attain your pre-pregnancy fitness level. Even if you are the cool mum who is giving it time to get there, the bulging loose belly continues to worry because that will not go away on its own.

FabMoms exercise experts suggest these 5 tips to get rid of that sagging baby belly.

1. Give yourself time :

It took nine months for that belly to grow, it cannot go away in 9 days! Allow your body to settle down and gradually work your way back in shape. Ask your doctor before you take up any type of exercises (if planning to get started within 3 months of delivery). Be patient but consistent in following your regime, once you get started.

2. First things first :

The pelvic floor muscles are the basket of muscles that held up your uterus with the growing baby – they have also grown stretched and weak with the 9 month rigor. First get started with strengthening of pelvic floor so the strength-building begins from within.

3. Hold it in:

You could do any form of exercise for starters – walking, jogging or yoga – Do it with your tummy sucked in. Pull your abdomen in towards the spine and hold it there gently (not tightly braced in ) while you continue to breathe. This will guide your abdominal muscles to gradually get back in.

4. 30 minutes of exercise a day:

This comprises ten minutes of core exercises, which are supposed to knit together and strengthen the deepest layer of muscles, the transversus abdominis, in the stomach. You could do well by joining a post-natal class and learn targeted exercises that will be safe yet very effective for toning up the specific abdominal muscles.

5. Eat sensibly :

The energy reserves your body created during pregnancy have been depleted during labour and now getting used for nursing, so a healthy, balanced diet is the only way to get your flat tummy back without creating nutritional deficiency.

  • Stay hydrated – Drinking lots of fluids may be especially helpful if your are still lactating
  • Don’t skip carbs altogether. Choose slow energy releasing carbohydrates like whole wheat bread, broken wheat dalia instead.
  • Go for a healthy balanced diet.
  • Watch your portion size. If possible, consult a dietitian. (FabMoms offers specialised back in shape Diet & Nutrition service for lactating mothers)

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