Congratulations !!!

Now that you know that you have the little heart beating inside you, you surely want to do the very best to ensure good health for the little one! Of course, you do understand that your baby’s good health depends upon your own good health during pregnancy. The happier and healthier you stay during pregnancy, the better growth environment you will offer to your baby – to grow into a healthy baby.

So take the first step towards it by being regular with your doctor visits and take all the supplements and tests that are being prescribed to you.

Only if doing THAT much was sufficient !!

With pregnancy, comes a lot more responsibility, many more issues to deal with and need to focus on several other aspects. Lack of credible information and fear of the unknown only add to the expecting mother’s anxiety. The best way to deal with this, is to update yourself with all the relevant information and get yourself prepared !

Sign up for a prenatal class that hand-holds you through the various stages of your pregnancy and helps you deal with and sometimes even prevent, the rough patches and prepares you to progress to an easier labour. [Prenatal classes with FabMoms available in Vashi, Nerul, Thane, Chembur and Mulund]

FabMoms offers THIS SUPPORT to the expecting as well as new mothers via a range of prenatal programs, antenatal classes, labor preparation & breastfeeding workshops, diet & nutrition, fitness modules, posture advise and Lamaze style breathing & relaxation techniques.

FabMoms is a wellness center providing specialized medical services as well as wellness programs and fitness classes to mommies during and after their pregnancy.

This unique concept of FabMoms has been conceptualised by ReLiva  a leading physiotherapy organisation with inputs from globally trained Dr. Deepti Gupta, FRCOG (UK), MS, MBBS and Ms. Vaishali Gupta, a mother of two and a fitness & motivation coach.

Pregnant women often tell that they chose to do their prenatal care regimen with FabMoms because of the the personal attention they receive along with the convenience to choose the time and day of sessions. (Working moms love us for that!) FabMoms Exclusive center is located very prominently in Vashi and home visits are available all across Navi Mumbai and Thane for Fitness Program : Prenatal as well as Postnatal sessions.

FabMoms Connect is specially designed to reach out to the mothers who find it difficult to physically reach us but do not want to miss out on the benefits of such a scientifically planned prenatal program. Sessions are conducted online along with supervised home visits to complete the experience.

All the best ! Give your baby the best chance to stay healthy.

Eat right, stay educated, exercise safely to have a happy pregnancy and easier labor; Get back-in shape soon after with FabMoms.

To know more about our services, various programs & packages we offer, Call or Whatsapp us at +91 9920991286 or write to us at We will get back to you within 24 hours.