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Antenatal Care

Prepare yourself to travel through the ups & downs of pregnancy with ease and comfort. As you deal with the changes during pregnancy – both emotional and physical, it becomes quite a task to deal with these ever-changing changes too unless you are prepared for what is coming next and know what to expect. A holistic antenatal care program is the best way to prepare yourself to deal with these changes. Get your body ready for the baby.

Research studies show that carefully planned exercises and a well planned nutritious diet during pregnancy offer multiple health benefits and  ease the impact of these changes by strengthening the body to cope with what is to come.

FabMoms offers such well rounded antenatal care program that encompasses all the four pillars of happy pregnancy to support the pregnancy in all possible ways towards an easier labor and child-birth.


FOUR PILLARS OF HAPPY PREGNANCYIntegrated approach to antenatal care


Pillar 1 – Education & AwarenessNutrition during pregnancy

Get smart and be prepared for what to expect and remain confident


Pillar 2 – Diet & Nutrition

Prevent overeating to gain the right amount of weight and prevent nutritional deficiency


Pregnancy safe exercise

Pillar 3 – Supervised & Safe Exercises

Keep your muscles supple to bear the increasing weight, minimise aches & pains and toned to get back in shape after delivery


Pillar 4 – Relaxation & Breathing Techniquesbreathing exercise for pregnancy

Get rid of the stress, stay calm and breathe easy to your delivery


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