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Category Archives: Antenatal Care

Body Changes during Pregnancy: Hormones

From emotions that change on the drop of a hat to a whole range of stomach troubles, pregnancy can take you for quite a ride! Here, we explain what’s changes are going on due to hormones. Pregnancy brings about several body changes – many of the changes you’re going through are visible—breasts and belly are the most obvious. Some […]

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Pregnancy: Amniotic Fluid for baby’s growth

  Most pregnant women are aware that during pregnancy, the baby is protected by the amniotic sac and fluid inside the uterus. But they wouldn’t have to think about their baby’s amniotic fluid levels, until their doctor tells them it could be a problem. This article is an attempt to help you understand in simple terms everything […]

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Prenatal class: Childbirth education for Pregnancy

If you are reading this – it means you are already pregnant and have entered the wonderful nine months of weaving magic called life. You already recognize that childbirth education is a crucial component of easy pregnancy and that’s why you are already seeking reliable information.   Having a baby, or pregnancy in other words, […]

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