Fit and Happy pregnancy: Back to Shape

Maternity and motherhood as we all know, is a joyful yet challenging phase in a woman’s life.Happy & Fit Pregnancy and Getting back to Shape

Dealing with pregnancy can become far easier and enjoyable if you understand the changes undergoing within the body during this time. You will find it lot simpler to therefore alter your lifestyle and daily habits and will be able to make your pregnancy a Happy Pregnancy.

International research has shown that with exercise, pregnant women can actively improve their fitness and strength throughout their pregnancy and can achieve health benefits for pregnancy, labour and post delivery previously thought impossible.


This article attempts at helping you understand the changes in the body through the different trimester’s and learn the benefits of exercise in pregnancy and changes for every stage.

The journey from ‘Pregnancy to Delivery’ can be understood in a simple way as it undergoes the following 2 broad steps :


Antenatal /Pre Partum/ Prenatal Period

It is a period which starts from conception of the baby to the starting of labor.

– Conception – An embryo is formed and you discover that you have a life within you

– Pregnancy – Usually a period of 38 weeks from conception to child-birth

– Labor- The process of contractions of the uterus (dilatation), child-birth with opening of the cervix  to allow the passage of baby to the outside world and

– Finally, the expulsion of placenta (residual material) from uterus

Post Natal/ Post Partum Period –

It is the period post childbirth.


Pregnancy brings multiple physical and hormonal changes to a woman’s body. A suggestive list of these includes :

  • The usual weight distribution of the body changes with the belly growing
  • The centre of body’s mass changes
  • There is increased pressure on the organs
  • There is change in the level of hormones and
  • There is also increased weight to be carried

All of this in a relatively short span of time often leads to overworked muscles and therefore a variety of issues like back pain, pelvic pain, pelvic floor muscle weakness, joint laxity, breathlessness, swelling in the feet, nerve compression syndrome, urinary incontinence, postural pain etc


Post natal period can be equally challenging for the new mother. There is a new bundle of joy in your life, you want make everything perfect for him or her. But while doing so, many a times you may forget to take care of your own health and wellbeing. During post natal period, it is common among women to have back pains, neck pain, urinary incontinence, spike in weight gain, breast feeding issues etc.

A planned and sustained Physiotherapy programme helps resolve and manage all these problems.

It is very important to keep moving and keep yourself well stretched and exercised under a trained physiotherapist who can guide you to train your body as per the stage of pregnancy. Similarly getting back to your pre-pregnancy bodyshape and fitness levels can be easily achieved under the planned physiotherapy programme, and also help you get back to your earlier lifestyle.


ReLivaTM Physiotherapy has specially designed Antenatal and postnatal program (ANC/PNC) which is focused on improving overall health and fitness of the women involved – that would lead to a happier pregnancy, easier delivery, improved postnatal life and much more smoother recovery of pre-pregnancy body shape and fitness.


F.A.B. Moms (Antenatal Care Programme) takes into account the physical changes surrounding pregnancy and delivery, as well the needs of women to lose weight and get back into shape. A Multi-disciplinary approach is used by incorporating various techniques such as pilates, Theraband, theraball, breathing techniques, relaxation techniques  etc. Click here to learn more about FAB Moms

Advantages of FAB MomsReLiva ANC/PNC Program ensures fitness and health and helps get back in shape post natally

  • Build core strength to support your spine during pregnancy
  • Functional training exercises that develops awareness & control of posture for a strong pregnancy
  • Cardiovascular fitness for improved pregnancy fitness
  • Specialised training to stabilize your back  to reduce backache during pregnancy
  • Prepare physically for labor, delivery & postpartum activities


Designed to meet the needs of women returning to exercise after having a baby, ReLivaTM PNC (Postnatal Care Programme) is the latest, safe, effective and results driven programme from ReLiva experts.  A Multi-disciplinary approach is used by incorporating various techniques such as pilates, Theraband, theraball, breathing techniques, relaxation techniques etc. and caters to your specific goals and requirements.

Advantages of ReLiva PNC

  • Hi intensity and calorie burning workout to lose weight after delivery
  • Specific weight training for strong and toned muscles
  • Re-shape, tone and strengthen
  • Strengthened pelvic floor to reduce risk of stress incontinence
  • Correct/ regain good posture Increased energy and stamina
  • Enhanced self confidence


The road to a healthier happier pregnancy is not very difficult if care is taken to keep the body trained and tuned into the changing requirements.  You may get in touch with us to get fit, healthy, strong and prepared for Labor or get your body back post-nataly with ReLivaTM FAB Moms Programs.

For more Exercise tips when you’re Pregnant  and learn Do’s and don’ts for exercising and work-out to keep in good health and get back to shape after child-birth, download the pdf below.

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