Labor preparation & relaxed delivery

Whether you are delivering your first child or third, labor preparation workshops as well those on Child-birth Preparation are a great way to prepare you for different challenges you face during and immediately after child-birth.


“I am not scared of giving birth… I am scared of the pains”, says 8 month pregnant Divya Shah.

Our child-birth educator will prepare you to address such

Prepared for Labor & Delivery - put aside fear

fears and learn to identify the signs of labor, practice relaxation and lamaze-style breathing techniques and various comfort measures to cope with contractions.

You will learn specific bearing-down exercises, for which FabMom Heena remarks – “(this set of exercises) strengthens the entire body, increases flexibility and gives you stamina. But what is possibly even more helpful is that it helps your mind relax.” This, in turn, leaves your body free to go about the business of birthing.

Similarly, the expecting mothers can also take up a session on Child-birth preparation where they are trained in breast-feeding techniques and posture to minimise discomfort when the baby actually arrives; techniques to hold and cradle  the baby to keep her/him in the most comfortable position; post-partum care for the new mother,  when and how to start post-natal exercises to get back in shape.

Who is eligible ?

If you are already in 8th or 9th month of  pregnancy or more than 33 weeks pregnant, you are perfectly eligible to join this program.

How long will it take?

Each workshop can be done in a single session lasting upto 1.5 hours scheduled at a time of your convenience. We welcome you to attend labor-preparation workshop alongwith your partner (husband or a family-member), who is most likely to be with you in the hospital during delivery. The workshop can also be attended over skype if you cannot visit a FabMoms center.


How to register?

Call or whatsapp us on 9920991286 to fix an appointment with your child-birth educator or request for more information by writing to us at with your name, Mobile number and weeks of pregnancy.