Sacroiliac pain & Pregnancy

Pregnancy is known to trigger Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunctions specially Sacroiliitis. SI Pain may cause significant discomfort in turning sides in bed, getting up, rolling over and so on. Prenatal experts from FabMoms, bring to you some Tips for Pregnancy SI Pain.SI Pain in Pregnancy

The increased weight and therefore pressure on the muscles only aggravates the pain further. Here are some tips for expectant women with posterior pelvic pain (Sacroiliac joint dysfunction). You may also enroll for specialised Pregnancy exercise program ( FAB Moms) to keep all these pains at bay.


Lying down

  • Avoid lying on your back for long periods of time, particularly after the 19th week of your pregnancy.
  • Try lying on your side (preferably your left) with a pillow placed between your knees and another under your tummy.
  • If your waist sags down into the bed, try placing a small rolled up towel under your waist.


Turning over in bed

  • To turn to your right while lying on your back, arch your lower back, tighten your pelvic floor muscles and lower abdominal muscles and bend both knees one by one.
  • Turn your head to the right and take your left arm over to the right of your body. Hold onto the side of your bed if you can.
  • To turn, pull with your left hand and take both knees over to the right so that you roll to the right. As soon as possible, bend your knees up as high as they will go – this helps to lock out your pelvis and lessen pain.
  • Reverse this to turn to the left.


Getting out of bed

  • Roll onto your side with your knees bent up, move your feet over the edge of the bed and push yourself up sideways with your arms.
  • Reverse the process when you lie down.


Standing from a sitting position

  • Sit on the edge of the chair.
  • Keeping your knees apart slightly and lean forwards till your head is directly over your knees, keeping your back straight.
  • Stand up by pushing up with your arms, with your back straight and tummy tucked in. This helps to hold your pelvic joints in their most stable position and may reduce your pain significantly.

Expecting moms who participated in FAB Moms, a supervised Pregnancy Exercise Program were able to avoid or deal with such pregnancy related aches & pains far more easily. To learn more about FAB Moms, click here.


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